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The year 2001 marked the dawn of streamed HD porn. Before then, adult entertainment was often limited to low-quality grainy images on pre-recorded video tapes. Fast forward to 2021, and we now have access to HD porn with crisp visuals and vibrant colors. In 2001, the adult entertainment industry made a push to release their content in HD. Producers of adult content began to invest in more expensive and high-quality cameras, which resulted in a wider range of video angles and lighting techniques that created strikingly vivid images. The result of this investment by the pornography industry to produce better-quality content resulted in a dramatic increase in sales and website subscriptions. As we speak, millions of people across the world are accessing HD porn online. The increased availability of HD porn also resulted in a developing a wider range of genres. Scenes have become more story-driven as producers of HD porn realized that there was more potential for deeper plot lines and scenes. Viewers now have access to movies and series that rewards them with humour and character development. This has broadened the scope of the porn industry and enabled viewers to become more engaged with the material. The emergence of the internet coupled with the revelations of HD technology has transformed the adult entertainment industry significantly. A stronger emphasis is now being placed on quality than ever before, and consumers now have an abundance of high-quality options to choose from. Content that was once accessible only on tapes is now available around the world instantly, resulting in an explosion of demand for all types of HD porn.