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Aunt HD porn is one of the newest porn genres to hit the Internet. It provides a blend of hardcore porn videos with family roles. These videos feature aunts that are usually younger than their nephews and nieces, but older than their brothers and sisters. The aunts are often portrayed as sexy older women that are eager to seduce their younger relatives. They are usually portrayed as being excited about exploring their sexual desires with their relatives, as many of these videos are focused on taboo and forbidden relationships. The aunts are often described as hot and experienced, which further emphasizes the forbidden nature of their actions. Aunt HD porn can feature either real or scripted scenes, depending on the preference of the viewer. In real life aunt/nephew and aunt/niece relationships are generally illegal, however with the introduction of this genre it is now possible to view these types of relationships in a fictional setting. In addition to being a unique new genre of porn, Aunt HD porn also provides an interesting fantasy for many viewers. It plays upon the idea of forbidden desires, and the excitement of exploring these feelings with a relative. Aunt HD porn gives viewers the chance to experience these fantasies safely and without judgement or shame.