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Lylian is one of the baddest chicks on the block. She sees her neighbor leave for the weekend, knows his casa is packed with mucho alcohol, and decides shes gonna break in and throw a party. She even hits up her amigas to come through too. She chills out by his pool as she waits for them, and decides to go for that full body tan she has been putting off. Just as shes all comfy, she gets spotted by her neighbor. He forgot something and came back, noticed shit around the house was fucked up, and saw her from the balcony. He threatens to call la policia, but Lylian has another idea. Instead of calling the cops she could just suck his cock instead? Perfecto. She even went as far as letting him ram her tight latina pussy and hacer llover cum en su cara. This was actually the best plan ever because now she has a free pass to come over anytime she wants!

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