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Dap, short for double-anal penetration, is an extreme genre of porn films where two men enter the rectum of a female performer at the same time. It's generally considered to be a specialty within the porn industry, because it requires three willing and often skilled performers, as well as a camera crew and director willing to go beyond what most people would consider to be acceptable boundaries. Over the last ten years, dap porn films have become increasingly popular due to the availability of high definition porno movies. Many studios are now producing films dedicated solely to dap scenes, giving fans access to high quality films. The films follow a range of different storylines and scenarios, in which two men enter the same woman to create a triple penetration scene. The stories often revolve around the pleasure and pain of dap for the performer, and the gratification of the two men entering her. Dap films often use a mix of anal, oral, and vaginal sex in order to create a unique and intense group experience. These films are often shot and directed in multiple angles, allowing viewers to experience all of the intensity of the scene up close and personal. They also often feature unique editing techniques and music to create a unique atmosphere and experience. Dap scenes can be intense, graphic and sometimes uncomfortable to watch, but hardcore fans understand that it is a special kind of porn that can be extremely gratifying to watch. Experienced dap practitioners claim that it is one of the most interesting and intense types of sex, and the fact that it’s available in high definition movies makes it even easier to experience the pleasure and pain that dap can offer.