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Watching his pretty girlfriend give head to some horny douchebag she picked up on Facebook and take his big curved cock in her hot juicy pussy gives this guy a mixed feeling of arousal and jealousy. They need the money to pay the rent but it looks like this slut starts to really enjoy getting fucked for cash by another guy and making her boyfriend watch it. Yeah you bet he suffers and that just makes sex so much more exciting!

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For this chick fucking some stranger for money is an experiment but for her jealous boyfriend it\'s a real headache. He doesn\'t want to see his gf suck and fuck a random dude but he has no choice cuz some heavy payments are due next week. That\'s how he ends up on this couch holding his honey\'s hand as she gives head and enjoys a hard fuck with the guy they met on Facebook. A mix of pleasure and suffering makes this scene especially exciting!

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This cutie is a foreign tourist who wants to see the city and make some photos for her Facebook page, so when a handsome guy offers her help she is quick to agree. He takes her home to warm her up and even his bad English doesn\'t stop him from shamelessly seducing this kitten. All they need is the language of love and passion to have a great casual fuck and the chick ends up taking a messy cumshot right on her nerdy-looking eyeglasses. Welcome!

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