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Thursday was their family get together day. Every week the guy\'s mom and dad would invite their son and his girlfriend to their place for dinner. Maybe some TV once in a while as well, especially if there were sports on. That day, wasn\'t so ordinary. If only the guy could notice his old folks having some kind of agenda! They sent him out to get some drinks and bang, their hands were all over his sweet sexy girlfriend! Shocked, embarrassed, aroused, she couldn\'t say a thing as the two were rubbing her spots and poking her holes. The thought of her bf getting back at any second was pulsing in her head the whole time...

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The guy was away and his girlfriend, a total hottie, had to deal with his parents who came around to visit. Well, look at her, is there any way she could have dressed skimpier? To make things worse, the guy\'s mom and dad came around with a gift for her. Yay, a set of lingerie! One has still to find out where trying the lingerie on evolved into a threesome. At some point definitely! Both the old man and his wife were horny to the point of no return, and they literally pushed their son\'s girlfriend between them into a sinful sexual sandwich. Ouch! The guy came and it was quite a bit of a disaster...

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