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Penny Pax is starting her first day at a new college. While walking to her class, she runs into school bully Jessy Jones, who knocks her books onto the floor as his friends laugh. When Penny gets to her class, she’s surprised to find that Mr. Jones\' in her class. He assumes, based on the way that she’s dressed, that she’s a substitute teacher. Ms. Pax decides to extract her revenge on Jessy by pretending to be sluttiest sub this school’s ever seen! But will she get caught sucking and fucking the biggest dick in college?

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This fella is either the worst or the best boyfriend ever. He knows his honey always wanted him to watch her get fucked by another guy and sets it up like a sex revenge game. He has his girlfriend on her fours, restrained, blindfolded and getting drilled from behind by some Brian dude. You bet the bitch loves it big time especially with the way her new lover fucks her to a powerful orgasm making her moan out loud and filling her mouth with cum.

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This guy can play nice and sweet all he wants, but his girlfriend knows he\'s a dirty unfaithful bastard. She has a revenge plan ready for this shameless dick and now his fate is decided. She gets him tied up and turns him into a helpless cuckold fucking another dude right in front of his eyes. He can\'t do anything about it and this slut enjoys it big-time getting drilled from behind and taking a powerful cumshot on her sexy ass.

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