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Evie and her boyfriend have been together for two years, and he thinks its time for them to get married. Evie truly loves him, and is so happy he finally asked. Just as they are about to exchange some mock vows, HIS WIFE SHOWS UP?!?! Evie had no idea this guy was married, but still valued their relationship. Her boyfriend scurried to try and hide Evie, but that booty was impossible to conceal! Pushing her behind the blinds and that ass stood out like a sore thumb. The bed wasnt high enough to account for her ASSets to fit under, and finally her booty even got in the way of the cupboard door. Her boyfriend ran out of options, and stuck Evie in another room while he goes to get rid of his wife. Turns out she just forgot her charger, so he was able to get her out of there quick. He goes back to his room, promises Evie hes gonna divorce his wife, then gets a twerking facial by one of the phattest asses we have ever seen! Evie sure knows how to treat her man. She continued to get her...

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